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MNW AutoTrader

MNW auto trader is the first ai automated trading protocol that enables traders to automate trade with cryptocurrency using the power of Artificial Intelligence to set rules and commands during daily trade executions. MNW auto trader offers investors the highest returns with the least amount of risk. The MNW Auto Trader is a Quantum-Leading, Powerful, Advanced Auto Trader for Investors to utilize "Signal Automation Trading" with an Embedded-Secured Account Management Protocol to stimulate the market for investors and increase their daily portfolio margin. This trading system is predicated on an algorithm that utilizes data from overbought and oversold levels. This robust auto-trader may be used securely with Cryptocurrency assets. The system's precision is high, and false signals are technically controlled.  




Investors can confidently dive into new trade positions with absolute accuracy and support. It is accessible in all manner of market conditions, including sideways markets, bullrun and bear markets. It is commonly employed for scalping and programmed using the latest version of python. When scalping is performed properly, the win rate is higher. The system neither redraws nor recalculates. If the signals are present in the current candle, they will remain in subsequent candles. Therefore, the automated system is valuable and priceless. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader, the system is extremely user-friendly and equipped with accurate tools.

  • Latest News

  • Version 1.7 has been released, which includes integrations with the MetaTrader. There are also many more powerful upgrades.
  • MNW AutoTrader was mentioned in Digital Journal recent article, Top Crypto Auto Trader Open-Source Projects of the year.

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