MNW AutoTrader

Version 1.7.1
Released: Sep 5, 2022
Quantum-Leading, Powerful, Advanced Auto Trader for Cryptocurrency

Project description

MNW AutoTrader

MNW auto trader is the first ai automated trading protocol that enables traders to automate trade with cryptocurrency using the power of Artificial Intelligence to set rules and commands during daily trade executions. MNW auto trader offers investors the highest returns with the least amount of risk. The MNW Auto Trader is a Quantum-Leading, Powerful, Advanced Auto Trader for Investors to utilize "Signal Automation Trading" with an Embedded-Secured Account Management Protocol to stimulate the market for investors and increase their daily portfolio margin. This trading system is predicated on an algorithm that utilizes data from overbought and oversold levels. This robust auto-trader may be used securely with Cryptocurrency assets. The system's precision is high, and false signals are technically controlled.  




Investors can confidently dive into new trade positions with absolute accuracy and support. It is accessible in all manner of market conditions, including sideways markets, bullrun and bear markets. It is commonly employed for scalping and programmed using the latest version of python. When scalping is performed properly, the win rate is higher. The system neither redraws nor recalculates. If the signals are present in the current candle, they will remain in subsequent candles. Therefore, the automated system is valuable and priceless. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader, the system is extremely user-friendly and equipped with accurate tools.

  • Latest News

  • Version 1.7 has been released, which includes integrations with the MetaTrader. There are also many more powerful upgrades.
  • MNW AutoTrader was mentioned in Digital Journal recent article, Top Crypto Auto Trader Open-Source Projects of the year.

  • Features

  • Fast and Reliable
  • 98% Accuracy on all signal Entry
  • Automated trading software
  • Multiple open position are supported for live trading.
  • 100% Profit Guaranteed
  • User friendly Interface
  • Demo Trading Enabled.
  • Manual Account Management / Developer Support Embedded.
  • Zero Programming Knowledge needed

Note: If you do not understand how to implement this auto trader at any level, do not worry; we have implemented an Automatic Live Chat support system below to provide you with real-time assistance from one of our developers to assist you. Please feel free to communicate with the Live Chat or developer, Stay connected with our community..


Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.)

One of the most exciting developments in automated trading is our unique A.I., available exclusively on MNW Auto Trader. A.I. stands for Algorithmic Intelligence. No, it’s not Artificial Intelligence - well, not yet. Who knows where the future will take us?

MNW Auto Trader is developed using python programming language as the first quantum leading automated cryptocurrency auto trader. Feed yourn AI with multiple signals and without worries the Algorithm Intelligence will executre this signals accordingly and accurately for you.


Crypto Signals

How To Access Free Signal

1. Join the community: MNW SIGNALS


What are signals? Ever wanted to let a third party analyst take over your trading decisions? With Signals through MArketNewsWatch you can have just that: all the benefits of a third party analyst, without the need to share any personal data. Let the analyst tell your bot which coin to buy, and when. MarketNewsWatch automated system will then automatically process the order for you!

Getting started with signals In order to start trading based on signals, Connet with MNW auto trader Developer  and request "signals". We offer free signals for backtesting on MNW Auto Trader software.


Trailing Features

Our Trailing features show why trading with a bot is so convenient. When your Auto trader is “Trailing”, it automatically follows the price and waits for an action to take when the time is right. Such actions could be adjusting your take profit when the price drops, placing a buy order when the price goes up, or buying back your position when it was in a short. We call these: Trailing Stop-LossTrailing Stop-Buy & Trailing Stop-Short.


The Trailing Stop-Loss is by far our most popular feature. It’s a feature usable for almost every type of trader.

The Trailing Stop-Loss (TSL) automatically adjusts your stop-loss when the price goes up. Whenever the price goes down again, your TSL will fire and sell your position. This is an ideal way to follow an upwards trend and to prevent selling too early. Manual , semi-automatic, and full auto-traders all use this feature.


Users that have a Premium subscription have access to a very interesting feature: the Market-Maker. But what is Market-Making? Why would you want to use it? There are three main reasons:

-If you’re a trader and would like to profit from a big spread.

-If your project/coin doesn’t have enough liquidity and your spread is too big.

-If you’re a starting exchange and need liquidity.


The MarketNewsWatch Maker bot provides liquidity to a market of your choice, and can alternatively act as a way to profit from a big spread. The spread is the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask. The highest bid is the highest someone is willing to offer, while the lowest ask is the lowest price someone is willing to sell his assets for. Illiquid markets have big spreads, and market makers are the ones that place orders around to spread profit from it, reduce the spread, and therefore create liquidity.

The definition of a market-maker: "A market maker must commit to continuously quoting prices at which it will buy (or bid for) and sell (or ask for) assets. Market makers must also quote the volume in which they're willing to trade, and the frequency of time it will quote at the Best Bid and Best Offer (BBO) prices.

Market makers must stick to these parameters at all times, during all market outlooks. When markets become erratic or volatile, market makers must remain disciplined in order to continue facilitating smooth transactions."

MNW Market Maker bot allows you to place layered limit buy and sell orders, thus keeping the market liquid. By placing these orders, the orderbook of the exchange will change, making the spread smaller, and it will reduce the spread and make the market more liquid.

When you set up a Market-Maker, you need funds in your quote currency and in the currency for which you want to make the market. Your Market-Maker will place orders “around” the spread, depending on your configuration.

Markets change fast, so you need to be able to change your order price fast. Click on the buy/sell signs to create an order, then drag and drop it to the desired place in the order book when things change.


PLATFORM: The system is compatible with Cryptocurrency Platforms.

DELIVERY: The buyer will get the product code as a download link by email after the payment is made.

DEVELOPER: Gerrad Fletcher

LICENSE: The system has 1-FREE trial subscription. One activation is linked to one account number. You can use it on multiple devices on Premium!



If the arrow and the histogram indicate the same direction, the trader can safely jump into a new position. Exit points are the opposite arrows. The MNW Signal Analyzer is developed as premium and advanced tools for investors.


Let's check a 5-minute chart with the sideways market.



The definition of Arbitrage: "Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a price difference".

Arbitrage is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of exchanges or market inefficiencies. Arbitrage exists as a result of market inefficiencies and would not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient. 

Exchange Arbitrage

Prices between exchanges and pairs can be different due to supply and demand. Make use of these price differences without withdrawing your funds from your exchange throughh MNW Arbitrage bot.

The arbitrage bot on MarketNewsWatch does not send funds among different exchanges (as you might expect from Arbitrage). Therefore, we don't need permission for "withdrawal rights" through the API.


The MarketNewsWatch Arbitrage bot will look for market inefficiencies within one exchange. Your MNW auto trader bot will attempt to increase the amount of the coin(s) you have selected as quote coin. It will do this by taking advantage of price differences between the currencies available on your exchange. More specifically, it will make three different trades to increase the amount of the chosen quote coin. Market Arbitrage works best on exchanges with lower trading volumes.

For example, say that you have BTC as a quote coin. That MNW bot has found a market arbitrage opportunity that includes the coins Ethereum and Litecoin.

-First, it will buy Ethereum (48 ETH) with Bitcoin (1 BTC) on the exchange (sell Bitcoin).

-Secondly, the Ethereum (48 ETH) the MNW bot has just bought is used to buy Litecoin (153 LTC).

-The final step is to buy back Bitcoin (1.005 BTC), completing the triangle and increasing the amount of Bitcoin in your wallet.

Ask your signaler this basic questions that are very important for your MNW Auto trader account.

Connect with your signaler on the Live chat  of your dashboard and Make sure to to do your research with them 1-1:

-Do they send signals for your exchange?

-Do they send signals for your quote currency?

-What is the overall performance? What is the average profit/loss?

-Some signalers offer their own templates. You can download and install them, so that your MNW auto trader is configured as your signaler recommends.

-Check if you have enough funds in your quote currency (that’s often BTC or USDT). You can check this in your configuration. Your MNW auto trader will use this quote currency to buy assets.


Backtest Demo

The chart below is the result of a Live Trading using the MNW Auto Trader Trend strategy integrated on AllixTrade. The entry signals are defined by the Live Trading dashboard displayed below, and the exit targets are defined by a 0% risk ratio. Stop-losses are placed automatically or manually using the custom swing detection indicator described below, and position sizes are calculated dynamically based on risk percentages set in the strategy configuration. The MNW Auto Trader interactive chart below is the result of running the BTC-USD, ETH-USD  Long and short positions with MNW Auto Trader.

Take note that the stop loss and take profit levels for each trade are displayed above with the exit profit amount. This allows you to see how effective your exit strategy is - are you getting stopped out too soon by placing your stop losses too close together? Are you passing up potentially profitable trades because your take profit is too far away? MNW Auto Trader can assist you in visualizing your strategy and answering these questions.



MarketNewsWatch's MNW Auto Trader is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.


The MNW Auto Trader has completed its "software checker" analysis and is suitable for trading and should be considered stable for live trading. Before going live, always test your strategies on a paper trading demo account to avoid losses.